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In a personal injury case involving our client who was severely injured when he was hit by a semi-tractor trailer while driving on the expressway.

reached on behalf of a pedestrian who was hit by a drunk driver who immediately left the scene. The driver hit our client just minutes after leaving the bar where he had been drinking.

on behalf Army Veteran who was struck by a vehicle while training for a marathon. Our client had recently returned from his second tour of duty in Afghanistan.

in a medical malpractice wrongful death claim to the brother and sister of a 62 year-old man who died from an infection contracted in an extended care facility. The decedent was not married and had no children.

on behalf of a young man who lost three fingers while operating Whirlwind up cut saw.

reached in a workers compensation claim on behalf of a streets and sanitation employee for a local municipality who sustained neurologic injury in his right dominant shoulder and arm.

reached on behalf of a woman who fractured her thumb in an intersection collision.

reached with a table saw manufacturer for our client who amputated three fingers on a portable table saw while installing hardwood floors for a family member.

on behalf of a long haul truck driver who sustained catastrophic injuries in a multiple vehicle collision in Wisconsin.

reached on behalf of a young woman who re-aggravated a prior back injury in a low speed rear end collision.

secured in a workers compensation claim on behalf of a man who suffered bilateral shoulder injuries.